Mourinho ‘felt betrayed by Pepe’

Mourinho ‘felt betrayed by Pepe’


Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho would have felt betrayed by defender Pepe’s recent criticism of him over his treatment of Iker Casillas, according to former Portugal international Paulo Futre.

Futre, who played for Atletico de Madrid, said in an interview with Marca that Pepe was a favourite of Mourinho’s and the manager has always backed him.

So when the 31-year-old central defender gave his support to ousted keeper Casillas, claiming Mourinho has shown a lack of respect towards the World Cup winner, the boss would have been hurt.

Last week, Mourinho responded to Pepe’s criticism by telling him to focus on his own problems, and particularly improving his form to get back into the side ahead of Raphael Varane.

Futre said: “Mourinho has always defended him and didn’t expect that from him in return. I think that’s how he would have felt.

“He gives everything for his players. Pepe was one of his favourites and he might have felt betrayed by his comments.”