No one can doubt Cristiano Ronaldo – Ancelotti

No one can doubt Cristiano Ronaldo – Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti has stated that no one can ever doubt Cristiano Ronaldo on the football field and that he’s the most prolific player he’s ever seen.

The 29-year-old has already netted an astonishing 36 goals in 30 appearances this season, and with half the season to go looks set to smash the 51 goals he scored last year. Last Monday, he picked up his second consecutive Ballon d’Or trophy beating Leo Messi and Manuel Neuer to the prize.

Speaking to reporters about his star man, the boss said: “Nobody can doubt Ronaldo. He’s the most prolific player I’ve ever seen. There’s nobody like him.”

In the interview, published by Marca, Ancelotti also went on to discuss the strengths of the current side and whether of not he thinks the squad needs to be added to in the transfer window this month.

“Coaching Madrid’s the easiest thing in the world, really easy. I have a team brimming with talent, an extremely well organised club, amazing fans,” he commented.

And he added: “I can rule out any new signings. Absolutely. We aren’t going to bring anyone in. Modric will be like a new signing when he’s fit again. We’re waiting to get Modric back, but the rest of the squad are fine. We have no injuries or other problems. Once Modric is fit the team will be back at its competitive best.”


  1. C. the boss, i think so far he is doing an amazing job at Madrid. Still the team needs some improvement. To me, this year for what i have been seeing, the Real plays too slow. If we can get back to the level of the games against BM and ATM last season, then I will agree with him 100%. Right now, any team can beatthe Real on the pitch. I believe it’s ok to sign two more players for January.