One Club Men at Real Madrid

One Club Men at Real Madrid


Nowadays it’s very difficult to think about one club men in football. In the recent history, we’ve seen Francesco Totti’s farewell with AS Roma or Jamie Carragher one with Liverpool. We have to go back many years to see one club men at Real Madrid. Some recent stars like Raúl González or Iker Casillas had to leave the club at the end of their careers to play for Schalke 04 or Porto FC.

However, if we go back we can find some examples in Real Madrid history. Actually there are only three, perhaps four, situations of this type. Have a look at this famous one club men at Real Madrid.

Santiago Bernabéu

He is the myth of Real Madrid. The history of the club cannot be understood without him. He played for Los Blancos from 1911 to 1926 a total of 16 seasons with 78 league appearances. Later on, he became on of the most important presidents of the club, transforming the club and render it one of the most successful institutions of the world. The stadium was named after him.


Miguel Porlan Chendo is still working for Real Madrid as he’s been one of the most important footballers of the club. He played as a right back from 1982 to 1998 with 363 league appearances. Although he didn’t have a great quality, his competitive skills and his love for the t-shirt made him essential in the club.

Manuel Sanchís

He has recently lost his father, Manuel Sanchís, also Real Madrid player and champion of Europe in 1966. His son, Manolo Sanchís, played with Los Blancos from 1983 to 2001 and he won twice the Champions League. Actually, he was a key player in the team able to win back the Champions in Amsterdam in 1998. He was stopper or full back and he had 533 appearances with the club.

José Antonio Camacho

Although he might not be considered as one club men, we want to include him in this list. Camacho played one season in his early days (1972-73) for Albacete. Soon after, he moved to Madrid to play for Castilla (1973-74) and then for Real Madrid (1974-1989) with 414. He is a very charismatic Real Madrid supporter and he defended the t-shirt with proud from his role of left back. He also was the coach of the team twice, in 1998 and 2004.