Should Pepe End Up Playing in Asia?

Should Pepe End Up Playing in Asia?


Kléper Laveran Lima Ferreira ‘Pepe’ might not play again for Real Madrid. The Portuguese defender got a fracture in his rib in the derby against Atlético Madrid in La Liga in early April and he should rest for some more days. Taking in consideration that we are finishing the season and that his contract expires in June, we might not see again Pepe dressing the white t-shirt.

He played brilliantly his last game against the city rivals, even scoring one goal. His dedication to the club has been great and Los Blancos offered one year more of contract to Pepe, but the Portuguese defender wants to have his last good deal as a footballer and he’s demanding two more years.

There are some big clubs in Europe that are willing to offer these two years to Pepe, so he can continue playing in a top-flight club. However, he also has some tempting offers from China, offering him a very high salary, impossible to beat for the European teams. Actually, it’s very likely that he end up in China, as can be seen in m88 Asia, one of the top gambling Asian websites.

But should Pepe end his career in China? Last summer he was one of the best footballers in the Euro Cup and he helped his team to lift for the very first time in the history an international tournament trophy. Besides, in June he played from the beginning the final of the Champions League with Real Madrid, winning his second European trophy with Los Blancos.

Pepe has been one of the best foreigners players in Real Madrid history. This is a lot to say, but it’s actually true. He arrived in 2007 from Porto paying a transfer fee of €30M. It looked a high transfer fee for an unknown player, but he showed his quality and his professionalism in the following years. Now, we are about to see the end of his career, but Real Madrid should take care of him and prepare a well deserved farewell for one of the best defenders of the last years.