Pepe, Furious with Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Pérez

Pepe, Furious with Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Pérez

Pepe GI

Pepe won’t continue at Real Madrid because the club didn’t want to offer him a new two year deal. The defender will join PSG in the next days although he didn’t want to confirm the news: “I haven’t signed anything. I could do it before, but I didn’t want to break the balance in the squad”.

The Portuguese full back was clear about his future: “It’s obvious that I’m not going to continue at Real Madrid. A period has ended and now a new one will start. Real Madrid manners weren’t the right ones”.

Pepe wasn’t happy with Zinedine Zidane: “I don’t want to blame anybody. What Zidane did with Real Madrid is amazing, but there are things that I don’t understand. If I don’t understand why I disappear from the team? That’s it!”, Pepe said in the radiostation Cadena Cope.

The defender didn’t even say goodbye to the manager: “I didn’t say goodbye to Zidane because Zizou and Real Madrid knew I was leaving before me”. He even defended Benítez: “I like a lot Benítez’s sincerity. I identify myself with him and he didn’t put me in the team at the beginning”.

The Portuguese footballer also spoke about the president: “This is a period that ends and I understand as a professional”. However, he didn’t like the behaviour of the club when he had problems with the Tax Office: “The club didn’t defend me from the Tax Office. They know I have everything up-to-date. And have you seen the club defending me? This bothered me. It hurt me a lot. I always tried to accomplish with my duties as a citizen”.

The player also had some words about the supporters: “I knew the moment of my farewell will arrive. People’s love is not seen in the homage. I’m sorry and the supporters have always been with me and this is the most important thing. I’ll keep all my life people’s love”.

Finally, he spoke about his feelings for Real Madrid: “I gave the maximum. I gave my blood and my sweat for Real Madrid. I’m happy. I learnt a lot. I didn’t feel mistreated by Real Madrid”.