Ramos: Enough of egos and squabbling, we must be united

Ramos: Enough of egos and squabbling, we must be united


Sergio Ramos asked for his teammates and the manager to “stop squabbling” and remain united at this crucial moment of the season, when Real Madrid will face Atletico de Madrid in the final of the Copa del Rey.

The centre back attended Rafael Nadal’s match of the Madrid Masters Series and dedicated a few minutes to answer La Sexta reporter questions.

“It’s time to say enough of controversies, between the Mourinho, Pepe, Casillas… We just have to focus on the final and win it”, he said.

“We have to leave egos and squabbling apart, and focus on being united. That is crucial for us in order to make the victory in the Copa del Rey possible. After the final it will be the time to sort everything out”, he added.

Ramos also spoke about his condition, as he is still recovering from a muscular injury: “The idea is to get to the final in good condition, that is what I am working for, and I hope the treatment will help me play that match”.

The Spanish international saw Nadal winning at the Madrid tournament: “I am a fan and a friend of Nadal, and it is a pleasure to see him play. He is the number one”, he said.