Raphael Varane to avoid new surgery

Raphael Varane to avoid new surgery


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed Raphael Varane won’t undergo further surgery despite suffering a relapse of his knee problems.

Reports had claimed that the Frenchman could enter the operating room for the second time this year to treat his ongoing meniscus injury.

However, Ancelotti has revealed the 20-year-old won’t need to go under the knife again. “I’ve talked to the doctors and we’ve decided to give Varane some rest,” the Italian told the press.

“He won’t play for the next ten days and we’ll see if his knee keeps inflamed. He doesn’t need more surgery, just resting,” Ancelotti affirmed.

Varane entered the operation room last May to try and cure a meniscus injury that caused him inflammation after every match.

All though the recovery period expected was two months, he relapsed and had to undergo a special recovery treatment to strengthen his knee muscles.

Varane made his returned at the end of October, but he has suffered pain again and he has returned from the last French national team international games with a knee inflammation.

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