Real Madrid 3 – Sevilla 2: Carvajal Epic Goal Secures the Third...

Real Madrid 3 – Sevilla 2: Carvajal Epic Goal Secures the Third European Supercup

Daniel Carvajal

Real Madrid won their third European Supercup in their history after beating Sevilla (3-2) in Norway in the extra time. Asensio, Sergio Ramos and Carvajal scored the goals from Los Blancos, who suffered a lot and went to the extra time thanks to another goal in the 93rd minute.

It was a thrilling goal despite being 9th of August. No one could expect that Carvajal had the pace to complete the run and scored the decisive goal in the 118th minute. Before, Sergio Ramos scored another header in the 93rd minute to go to the extra time when the game was completely lost.

Real Madrid started really well in the game. Asensio and Isco combined with success and arrive to the Sevilla’s goal with danger. This good start has the prize with Asensio’s goal. The youngster scored a wonderful from outside the box telling the supporters he wants to stay at Real Madrid and succeed in Bernabéu.

Sevilla didn’t see Casilla and the goalkeeper only had to react with a shoot from Carriço. However, before the half time, Franco Vázquez could draw the game with a good left shot.

In the second half, Real Madrid didn’t see the light. The players seemed very tired and the game started to be quite boring. But the referee whistle a penalty kick in an action with Sergio Ramos and Vitolo involved. Konoplyanka scored the penalty and the second goal for Sevilla. Modric, Benzema or James Rodríguez came into the pitch but Real Madrid didn’t have a chance to score a goal. However, in the very last minute, Sergio Ramos appeared again to score after a perfect cross from Lucas Vázquez. Again, Sergio Ramos saving the team in the 93rd minute.

In the extra time, Kolo was sent off and Los Blancos have a lot of chances. Actually, the referee blew his whistle after Sergio Ramos scored another goal. It was in the very last minute, in the 118th when Carvajal took the ball, dribble several players and scored a fantastic goal.

Real Madrid can celebrate now their third European Supercup and the second title with Zinedine Zidane. The party must continue.


  1. Comment:congrats to the players,,,but Zidane nearly cost us the victory,,,why must he removed isco and kovavic and Asenio were still on the field?….Asensio is a promising player,,but never deserve to be play ahead of isco and James…