Real Madrid and Atletico unhappy with Champions League final ticket shortage

Real Madrid and Atletico unhappy with Champions League final ticket shortage

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Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are reportedly unhappy with the number of tickets they have been allocated for the Champions League final in Lisbon. Spanish sports newspaper Marca claims both teams are in talks to issue a joint statement to complain about this matter.

A representative from both clubs has complained that UEFA has picked a very small stadium for the event, since La Luz only holds 60,000 seats. The fact that UEFA keeps 24,000 tickets leaves the teams with only 36,000 to spare.

“We’re going to look bad to our season ticket holders, members, and fans in general, as well as official entities and sponsors, because we can’t meet even ten per cent of the ticket demand,” the representative told Marca.

Both Real Madrid and Atletico believe a Champions League final should be played in a stadium with capacity for at least 70,000 fans.

“Not playing in a stadium with capacity for more than 70,000 fans brings things to a head and ‘La Luz’ only holds 60,000 – 24,000 of which are for UEFA,” the spokesman said.

The fact that two teams from the same city are in contention and the short distance from Madrid to Lisbon have paved the way for a massive amount of fans to make the journey. Yet, they will have trouble finding tickets, and also finding accommodation. The average price of a hotel room in Lisbon for that night is 2,000 euros.

Both clubs understand the official commitments UEFA has to honour with regard to all the European football associations and the sponsors. However, Real and Atletico are upset about the way the tickets have been allocated, and they might issue an official complaint in the next few days.


  1. Fifa should give them chance.because it all madrid.and evry one they are we should expect rugby final haaa haaa haaa!

  2. Giving only 18 thousand tickets to each club is pathetic n just shows how eufa are useless, wen they should always have a stadium that holds at least 70 thousand for its final,,imagine if u supported benfica last nite or sevilla n were given only 9 thousand in a 40 thousand stadium,,who buys the other 22thousand,,both teams in a uefa final shud ov got 15 thousand in europa n 25 thousand for this years champions league,,it shud change its rule,,i remember wen my club middlesbrough fc goot to the final n were given just over 16 thousand tickets along with sevilla,,,the club were fuming coz they n i knew we cud ov taken way more than that,,,even tho we got beat 4 nil it was the best season we have ever had

    • Totally agree. It’s a mystery who the other half of the ticket allocation is made up of. Does we really need half a stadium full of dignitaries and friends of UEFA? Completely takes away from the atmosphere.