Real Madrid Celebrate La Liga: Piqué, Bast*d, Send Greetings to the Champions

Real Madrid Celebrate La Liga: Piqué, Bast*d, Send Greetings to the Champions


The players, the supporters, the staff… Everybody celebrated the 33rd title of La Liga for Real Madrid after five years fighting to bring back the trophy to Santiago Bernabéu. It was a long, tough and hard path to conquer the title, so it was time to celebrate before getting ready for the dessert of the season: the final of the Champions League.

The party started with the final whistle at La Rosaleda. The players tossed Zinedine Zidane into the air and then the interrupted the press conference to put champagne on the manager. Sergio Ramos took a bullfighting cape and started the show on the grass. All the players, with their cellphones and cameras, recorded all the unforgettable moments.

Isco, one of the best players of the team in the last weeks, could win the trophy in his hometown: “The Real Madrid supporters shouldn’t worry, I’ll stay”, the player said about the renewal of his contract. Keylor Navas also confirmed that he’ll stay in the capital even if David De Gea signs with Los Blancos: “I’m going to fight, no matter who comes”.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored again the first goal of the game and he was one of the best players in the last games of the season, scoring crucial goals: “People speak about me as If I’m a criminal and they don’t know shit”, said the Portuguese striker. “I’m not a saint but I’m not the devil either”, Cristiano commented.

After the party in the stadium, Real Madrid took a plane and arrived to Madrid at 1am. They headed to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where they caught a convertible bus to enjoy the title with their supporters. The squad arrived at La Cibeles, the fountain where Real Madrid supporters celebrate the titles, at 2.30am. There were thousand of supporters waiting for their team and they cheered and applauded their heroes.

The players and the supporters had a few words for the rival: “Piqué, bastard, send greeting to the champions”, some players like Nacho or Carvajal said. Some others also had words for Atlético Madrid: “Tell me, what you feel”. There was a lot of happiness during the evening but Cristiano Ronaldo was already thinking in the Champions League final: “We need you to win the Champions League”.