Real Madrid Draw Against Arsenal with Asensio’s Knee Injured

Real Madrid Draw Against Arsenal with Asensio’s Knee Injured


The most important thing in friendly games is that no player gets injured. So we had the worst news in the second pre-season match for Los Blancos, where they drew (2-2) against Arsenal at Washington after losing 2-0 in the first 25 minutes of the game. However, Marco Asensio’s injury is the worst news possible.

Especially because it looks very very serious. The Mallorca-born player came in in the pitch in the second half and was highlighting, he even scored the equalizer but his knee suffered when he was trying to defend. Quickly he put his hands on the knee and everybody else put their hands on the head. Marco Asensio seems to have broken the crossed ligament of his knee, so we can be talking about six-months injury. Terrible news for this start of the season.

Related to the game, Zidane tried with Jovic and Benzema in the attacking line, and Mendy in the left-back. However, everything needed to be changed after the referee sent off Nacho for handball. Lacazette scored the penalty and soon enough Aubameyang open the gap in the scoreboard. It didn’t look well after 30 minutes, 2-0 and one player less.

However, Los Blancos reacted and they started to play better. This time, the referee sent Sokratis to the dressing-room so the game was even again. Bale played his first minutes and he did it quite well as a striker, getting his first goal of the pre-season. Asensio was also able to equalize the game after a good effort from Marcelo before he got injured.

Los Blancos have been unable to get a victory in the first two games of the pre-season but the way of playing is not that far away from what Zidane wants to achieve. Strangely, we almost couldn’t see Vinicius, the best news last season, but Zizou doesn’t give him a lot of trust in these first games.