Should Real Madrid finish second in the Champions League group?

Should Real Madrid finish second in the Champions League group?


Real Madrid couldn’t get the three points in Warsaw on Wednesday, so it’s more complicated for Los Blancos to finish first of their group. Especially after Borussia Dortmund’s victory over Sporting Portugal in Germany. Now, the German team is two points ahead Zidane’s side, who have to travel to Lisbon in the next game and finish at Bernabéu Stadium with Borussia Dortmund.

The first position of the group was the goal for the Champions League title holder at the beginning of the competition. However, after the first four games, it might be better to finish second and avoid some big teams. On top of the that, Real Madrid used to play better the second game away rather than in Bernabéu stadium and when a team finishes top of the group, the first leg of the Last 16 Round is always away.

We have to remember at this point that two teams from the same country cannot play together in the Last 16 Round. Therefore, Real Madrid will avoid Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona, who should win their groups. Sevilla are also top of their group but Juventus are expected to win that position at the end of the stage.

With the two Spanish teams top of their groups, Manchester City and Bayern Múnich will finish second. So if Real Madrid don’t win their group, they’ll avoid them. Besides, Arsenal or PSG are also fighting for this position, so another one cannot play against the Spanish giants.

Taking this in consideration, Real Madrid could face in the Last 16 PSG or Arsenal; Besiktas, Benfica or Napoli; Leverkusen, Tottenham or Monaco; Leicester, Porto and Copenhague.

For instance, if the group stage would finish today, Real Madrid rivals would be Arsenal, Napoli, Monaco or Leicester City. On the other hand, if Los Blancos would be top of the table of their group, their rivals would be: PSG, Benfica, Manchester City, Bayern Múnich, Bayer Leverkusen, Porto and Juventus.