Real Madrid Fire Back at Vigo’s Mayor

Real Madrid Fire Back at Vigo’s Mayor

florentino perez

The war between Vigo’s mayor and Real Madrid is not over yet. The controversy after the postponement of the Celta v Real Madrid game continues and the problems to find an available date is still a problem.

Los Blancos published a statement in their website where they fire back at Vigo’s mayor, Abel Caballero, who said that Real Madrid was lobbying to play the game and not hearing to the security problems: “Real Madrid C. F. regrets the unfortunate statements made by the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, in which he states that this club disregarded the security measures required for the Real Club Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid C.F. fixture to go ahead”, the statement says.

According to Los Blancos, Real Madrid didn’t question the security measures undertaken by Vigo’s mayor. Besides, the club also makes clear that they wanted to play the game: “Real Madrid C. F. wishes to make it very clear that having learned of the possibility of the game being postponed more than 30 hours ahead of kick-off, the club proposed three alternatives to the Professional Football League: firstly, for consideration to be given to the possibility of repairing the damaged stadium roof; secondly, the possibility of the affected stand being closed; and thirdly, if the two aforementioned options were not possible, to look into staging the fixture at another nearby stadium. These proposals were made with a view to avoiding the postponement of the fixture from negatively impacting upon the four competitions, given the knock-on effect it would cause between them, as well as the massive financial losses suffered by television channels from around the world, which will have an impact on future tenders for the sale of broadcasting rights”, said the statement published in the Real Madrid site.

However, Vigo’s mayor spoke on Tuesday again in an interview with the Spanish newspaper MARCA. According to Caballero “Real Madrid were wrong and they know it because the prestige suffers with this”. Caballero also joked with the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, where Celta beat Los Blancos: “Real Madrid are not happy because we knocked them out of Copa del Rey”.