Real Madrid Hotel, Surrounded by Napoli Supporters During the Night

Real Madrid Hotel, Surrounded by Napoli Supporters During the Night


Real Madrid expect a difficult atmosphere at San Paolo in the second leg of the Last 16 Round in the Champions League. However, the fans are going way beyond the normal things and they spent the whole night in front of the hotel making noise so they players couldn’t rest properly.

Real Madrid squad arrived on Monday afternoon to Naples and the hotel was already surrounded by Italian fans. They were booing the Real Madrid players or bringing pizza to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Spanish club, knowing that they could be disturbed, rented the whole hotel for the club, in the downtown of the Italian city.

However, they couldn’t avoid being disturbed during the night. Some supporters spent the night making noise with pots and singing songs, backing the team. They will also gather this afternoon to disturb the ‘nap time’ for Los Blancos.

The stadium of San Paolo will be opened 6 hours before the game. They want their supporters to back their team from the beginning, making noise when Real Madrid bus arrives to the stadium and creating an amazing atmosphere around the game.

Sarri warned after the first leg that San Paolo will be “hell” for Real Madrid and the supporters are backing their team, cheering them up in every chance they have. Nevertheless, Real Madrid players are not worried and Zidane or Carvajal said in press conference that they like these kind of atmospheres.

Napoli fans are convinced that they can come back in the tie and go through to the quarter-finals round of the Champions League. A scoreboard with 2-0 will be enough for the locals but it will be tough. Real Madrid already ‘survived’ in 1987, when they won 2-0 at Santiago Bernabéu and drew (1-1) at San Paolo. Then, they could see a banner with the letters: “Welcome bastards”.