Real Madrid, Interested in a Young Italian Striker

Real Madrid, Interested in a Young Italian Striker


Real Madrid think about the future. In the last years, the club has changed the strategy and instead of signing big names, they are trying to bring young talent to be developed inside the club.

One good example of this is Marco Asensio or Martin Odegaard. Real Madrid signed both players two years ago when they were teenagers. Asensio played last year on loan at Espanyol, did great and gained himself the possibility to play for Real Madrid. He showed his skills in the European Supercup with a great goal from outside the box.

Another example, in this case foreigner, is Martin Odegaard. A lot of clubs wanted to sign the Norwegian youngster but Real Madrid went really quick and bring him to Spain. After a couple of years in the second team, Odegaard is ready to play in Europe for some of the top flight clubs. Luckily, if he performs well, he could be able to return to Bernabéu with a place in the first squad.

Following this strategy, Real Madrid is interested in the young Italian player Andrea Favilli, who is owned by Livorno but played last year in the second squad of Juventus. According to Tuttomercato Web, the Favilli’s agent said Real Madrid have already made contact.

“There is something but still nothing is sure. Juventus and both Milan team are also interested in the boy. There is an interest to remain in Italy, right now he just thinks in training with Livorno. Obviously, the rumours about Real Madrid are great. I’ve received calls from Spanish journalists asking me about the issue. We’re very happy”, said the footballer’s agent Vincenzo Rispoli.

So far, Real Madrid have only signed this summer Álvaro Morata, from Juventus. Actually, Los Blancos are looking a lot to Italy this summer as they were also interested in signing Juventus star Paul Pogba.