Real Madrid are negotiating James transfer to Inter Milan

Real Madrid are negotiating James transfer to Inter Milan


Real Madrid can do several transfers in the next summer transfer market and James Rodríguez could be a player who can leave Madrid in the end of the season. Despite he is being in Zidane’s line-up in last important matches (Napoli and Valencia) because of Bale’s absence, the Colombian is not now in a better situation than a few months ago when Real Madrid won the FIFA Club World Cup when he said:” I can not confirm you that I will continue here, I have offers and I have seven days to think about my future”,the midfielder affirmed at Japan. However, there are several teams that are interested in the Colombian and

In the current season he has participated in 21 games so far. He has only scored 4 goals and if we compare his performance with other years, he needs to improve a lot. He signed for Real Madrid for an amount of €80M and if Los Blancos want to monetize the transfer they must sell him in the next window market.

Jindong Zhang is a very powerful person who controls Inter Milan nowadays and he has visited Madrid last week with the target of signing James for the next season. The visit is officially due to the the fact that he wants to talk to La Liga for the distribution of the rights of the Spanish League at China, but he also talked with Florentino Pérez to negotiate the Colombian signing to Inter Milan, that is very interested in him.

Do you think Real Madrid should sell James Rodríguez to Inter Milan? He is one of the most talent players in Zidane’s side, but his performance and his behavior in this season has not been the adequate. Florentino Pérez must decide what he must do with the Colombian player because Real Madrid paid a lot of money to sign him and maybe it’s a good moment to start to think in his departure from the capital of Spain