Real Madrid offer Isco a new contract

Real Madrid offer Isco a new contract


After all the rumors that linked Isco with Barcelona, the Spanish playmaker spoke at press conference denying any negotiation with Real Madrid’s rival. Florentino Pérez has prepared a new contract. He offers Isco a six year contract (from 2018, when his current contract finishes, until 2024, when Isco would be 32 years old), with a salary around €6M per season. This salary practically triples what the player currently perceives in Real Madrid, and which would imply a notable quality jump for Isco in the salary scale of squad. Los Blancos want to renew Isco because they know he can be a very important player in the squad and because of his good performances since his signing from Malaga in 2013.

It looks like Isco is very happy with this new contract but he has said to the Club that they must wait because he has to study the offer. Real Madrid hope that this offer can convince to the Spanish playmaker. Many important European teams are very interested in his services, and Real Madrid have offered this new contract with the purpose of closing any negotiation with other clubs, specially from Barcelona.

Real Madrid have recently renewed almost all their key players of the squad and they hope that this new contract can also convince to the Spanish player, despite Isco is not in Zidane’s usual starting 11. However, Iso has showed that he is capable of taking responsibilities in the squad. His almost 180 official games, and his role in the finals of the 10th and 11th Champions League are one of the reasons why Florentino Pérez wants to renew him.

It will not be easy to convince Isco because he is having many offers from other teams, and he knows he is a good player, who needs to play more minute continuously. The Spanish playmaker is not satisfied with his current role in the team (the 15th in the ranking minutes played this season with 1568) and he dreams being in the usual Real Madrid line-up. Isco has said to the Real Madrid that he will give an answer at the end of the season, waiting to know what will be his role until June.