Real Madrid players performance against Bayern Munich

Real Madrid players performance against Bayern Munich


Real Madrid achieved a very important victory in yesterday’s game against Bayern Munich, winning 1-2 in a very difficult stadium as Allianz Arena. It looked like Los Blancos were going to have a very tough match because in the fist half Bayern played better but with Cristiano’s first goal and after Javi Martínez was sent off in the 60th minute, the team managed by Zidane completed an incredible second half, where they could score even more goals. These are Real Madrid players performance in yesterday’s game:

Keylor Navas: He looked a bit insecure in the match, in fact we think he could have saved Bayern Munich first goal despite the good header of Arturo Vidal. The Chilean midfielder had the opportunity to open the gap from the penalty spot in the last minute of the first half but his shot went above the bar. Maybe because Keylor Navas distracted him.

Carvajal: As Bayern Munich decided to play attacking Marcelo, he felt more free to attack, although he didn’t have many clear chances. He was one of the best players in all the pitch and when the second half started he gave a brilliant assist to Cristiano Ronaldo. After that goal, the Spanish right back played even better and he was continuously attacking, creating a lot of danger.

Nacho: It was a good test for the Spaniard defender. In Bayern Munich’s first goal he didn’t cover very good Arturo Vidal and the Chilean opened the score board. With the pass of the minutes we saw Nacho much more secure and he stole a lot of balls to Muller.

Ramos: He was the kaiser in the defense showing the great moment his living in this season. We saw him very secure and he scored from a header, again, in the very last minute, but he was in offside. The Andalusian captain is finishing the season in a high level and that’s good news for Real Madrid.

Marcelo: He suffered a lot with Robben and Bayern Munich knew that they had to attack to Marcelo because he is not a defensive left back, while Arjen Robben is one of the fastest players in Europe. That also prevented that the Brazilian left back didn’t shine in the attack, but when Javi Marínez was sent off he felt with much more confidence and he grew with the pass of the minutes.

Casemiro: Another incredible match for Real Madrid stopper. He did a very good tactical game, stealing many balls and in many times being the guide of the team. He helped a lot to Marcelo trying to stop Robben, who was being the more dangerous player of the German’s side. With the pass of the time he is being more important in the squad, being the stopper of the team.

Modric: He didn’t touch almost the ball in the first half. He wanted to be the player who had to control the ball, but Thiago Álcantara prevented it, being the player who guided Bayern Munich in the first half. In the second half the Croatian midfielder had more space to receive the ball and we saw him enjoying the match. Zidane replaced him in the 90th minute by Kovacic.

Kroos: He returned to Munich, where he grew as a player after playing for Bayer Leverkusen. He didn’t’ do many mistakes in all match and in the second half he felt more confortable in the midfield. He almost scored the first goal for Los Blancos from a pass from Marcelo but his shot went above the bar.

Bale: We saw the Welshman all the first part was more worried about the physical discomfort he could have, stretching and throwing his hand to the thigh, than the game. He didn’t have his best match and he was replaced in the 58th minute by Asensio. Zidane confirmed that he changed him because he didn’t’ want to risk.

Cristiano Ronaldo: He was the MVP of the match being the player who scored both goals for Los Blancos. The Portuguese star likes to play these type of games and he showed it once again. He reached another personal record being the only player who reaches the figure of 100 goals in European competitions.In last minutes we saw him playing as a striker instead of in the left wing, being something usual in the last games.

Benzema: He was one of the best Real Madrid players in the first half. He almost opened the score board form a great header that Neuer saved it. The French striker is having really good performances in this stage of the season and he looks thinner than in the beginning of the season. He was replaced in the 83rd minute by James Rodríguez.

Asensio: He replaced Bale in the 58th minute and he helped to control the game when Los Blancos tied the match. He is a player with a lot of personality and he can play in every type of games because his very technical player with a lot of character. In the 76th minute he gave the assist of Cristiano’s second goal with a great cross. The Majorcan is growing as a player and he can a be a very important player in Real Madrid’s future.

James and Kovacic: They didn’t’ have time to show their quality because they entered when there was not many minutes remaining.