Real Madrid Speed Up for Dele Alli, Fearing PSG

Real Madrid Speed Up for Dele Alli, Fearing PSG


Real Madrid lost an important target this week because Alexander Isak, former AIK Solna player, has signed for Borussia Dortmund. The Swedish youngster was a goal for Los Blancos, but Borussia Dortmund were quicker and got the young talent. Florentino Pérez doesn’t want to fail again and Los Blancos are speeding up to get Dele Alli in summer.

According to the Daily Express, Real Madrid are accelerating to get Dele Alli because the British youngster has been targeted by many European clubs, including PSG. Actually, the French club has already moved to get some information about the midfielder.

Alli signed a new contract in September with Tottenham Hotspur until 2023 with a salary of £60,000-a-week. However, this new deal shouldn’t be enough to keep Dele Alli in North London and the midfielder knows he could get a better contract with some other European team.

Los Blancos know very well how to deal with Tottenham Hotspur and might have to sit again this summer. The Spurs have tagged Alli with a price of £50M, a very expensive sum for a 20-year-old youngster. Florentino Pérez dealt with Daniel Levy to get Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Actually the relationship between the two clubs suffered a bit after the long battle to get the Welshman on board.

This is Dele Alli’s second season in the Premier League after signing with Tottenham Hotspur in 2015 for a €7M transfer free. The midfielder has scored 11 goals in only 21 games in the Premier League, being the most important player this season. Dele Alli and Harry Kane are keeping Totttenham in the first positions of the table, dreaming with a spot in the next Champions League.


  1. Sick of these rubbish stories now, Levy has already told RM and the rest that he’s not selling anyone, that includes Alli, Kane, Erikson etc etc. If RM were seriously after Alli, even though they wouldn’t land him, it would be all over the Spanish press, and it isn’t. One of RM’s favourite tricks is to leak this kind of information so it helps in putting pressure on the player to join. Not going to happen, all the players at Spurs are happy and know they are part of something. None of them want to go and play in a 1 or 2 team league like the French or Spanish leagues.

    • Besides which…£50 million…In today’s market…LoL.

      If Spurs could be squeezed (not that I believe Levy can) it would take a new record. More than Bale, more than Pogba…RM would need to be prepared to bleed from every orifice…And Daniel’s getting the jibba-jabba stick ready! So best to back off now lol

  2. I’m on a royal downer with this club. How on earth Madrid expect to get Alli after what happened with Bale shows the mentality of the people running it. As part of some ongoing partnership Madrid showed their indifference by allowing Ozil to go to Spurs biggest rivals arsenal. Do you honestly think this has been forgotten? The biggest club in the capital of Spain, state funded for long enough, it is a team who run rough shod over their own league opponents by negotiating their own TV rights. Not only that debts are written off by the city council (and since they are broke, ultimately EU funded). No wonder Mourinho says there are only four or five opponents in Spain.
    Personally, I think Alli will get all of the experience and success he needs in the next few years at Tottenham. if in the unlikely event he did move, I strongly feel it would be anywhere other than Madrid.

  3. Comment:we are doing rubbish if it is true that we want to sign Alli….does the guy really fitting to our team?,,can the guy change a match for us when needed?..,, instead if us to go for hazard or Sanchez now before it’s too late…..Madrid with bad market attitude…