Real Madrid to denounce Rafa Benitez

Real Madrid to denounce Rafa Benitez


Real Madrid are ready to denounce Rafa Benitez for violating a clause in his dismissal contract that forbid him to speak about the club until July 1st.

The former Los Blancos manager slammed Florentino Perez for his “impatience” in an interview on BT Sport and criticised the way he interferes in everything at the club.

As reported by Spanish newspaper El Economista, Benitez had signed a clause agreeing to keep silence about matters related to Real Madrid until the end of the season.

Benitez agreed to receive 4 million euros for his dismissal on January 4th. He should receive one million more in July, according to El Economista. However, Real are now planning to denounce him for violating this clause and will refuse to pay the remaining million.

Perez is reportedly offended by Benitez’s comments. Asked about his dismissal and the president’s decision, Benitez told BT Sport: “You have to do everything perfect. As soon as something is wrong, or the chairman thinks something is wrong, you have problems.”

According to the latest rumours, the Real Madrid players are also upset about Benitez words, with some of them reportedly saying that if they spoke about Benitez “he wouldn’t work for ten years.”