Real Madrid will train in Montreal to prepare the next season

Real Madrid will train in Montreal to prepare the next season


In the last years, Real Madrid preseason was very contested by managers and players. The squad had to travel all around the world to meet the sponsors needs and cash some money for the club. Australia, China, Thailand or other countries in Asia were the destinies of an exhausting pre-season training sessions.

This year, with Zinedine Zidane commanding, it will be different. The 15th of July the players who didn’t participate in the Copa America or Euro will finish their holidays and meet in Valdebebas, Real Madrid training ground in Spain. The day after, the squad will travel to Montreal.

In the Canadian city, Real Madrid will have their headquarters from the 17th to the 26th of July. There, they will train in the sports ground of La Caserne Letourneux, whose owners are Montreal Impact, the football team in Montreal. Last season, Chelsea prepared there their season and also Olympique Lyonnaise trained before the French Supercup. It has four football pitches, two with natural grass and two others with artificial grass.

The temperature for training in Canada is perfect. It would be around 24ºC with some showers. Zidane wants to train secretly, so it’s unlikely that we could see some of the training session.

Real Madrid will rest in the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Montreal. The hotel has a cost of 500€ per night. Last year, the squad stayed in a similar hotel in China during the pre-season stage.

The 27th of July, Real Madrid will play the International Champions Club against PSG in Ohio and, afterwards, they’ll make a small tour around the United States.

The club needs to organized very well the stage because it will be a really exhausting season for Real Madrid. Before the League starts, Los Blancos have to face Sevilla in the European Supercup, the first title in the season. Besides, in December they’ll have to travel to Japan to play the FIFA World Cup Clubs.