Roma turned down Real Madrid offer for De Rossi

Roma turned down Real Madrid offer for De Rossi


Former Roma president Rosella Sensi has revealed that she turned down “an important offer from Real Madrid” for midfielder Daniele de Rossi while she was in charge.

Sensi, who was the club’s head from 2008 to 2011, told Italian website she was very criticised for having rejected the offer, but she doesn’t regret it.

“Real made an important offer for De Rossi and I’ve been very criticised for turning it down, but for me De Rossi has always been irreplaceable and I’m really happy so see him at his best level again, just like Totti, he’s the spine of the team”, she said.

Rosella Sensi was the second woman to become AS Roma’s president, after her father Franco Sensi passed out while he was in charge. He had been the owner of the club since 1993.

The offer revealed by Rosella Sensi could have taken place in the summer of 2010, when Jose Mourinho arrived to Santiago Bernabeu.

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