Sergio Ramos: El Clásico is the Best Way to Start the...

Sergio Ramos: El Clásico is the Best Way to Start the Season


Sergio Ramos will debut in the season 2017-2018 after having an ailment in his ear that has prevented him to start the preseason earlier. Real Madrid’s captain is ready to play his first minutes of the season against Barcelona in El Clásico that will be played at Miami,  and he spoke at press conference the day before the first clash of the year.

The Andalusian full back started the press conference talking about next season: “Every year is different, we did a great job last year and we will face this one with a lot of excitement. You must keep the ambition intact, but when you are happy it’s easier to maintain it. I’m very happy playing this sport and I will try to give my highest level every year: ” Sergio Ramos said about the 2017-2018 season.

Sergio Ramos also spoke about El Clásico Real Madrid will have in their third game of the preseason: “It’s true that is hard to believe to play a Clásico in the third game of the preseason, but it’s not so demanding as the ones we usually play during the season. El Clásico is the best way to start the season. We are going to try to win this game because it’s important to face the best teams with the aim of knowing where is your level.”, Real Madrid captain said about El Clásico in Miami.

The journalist didn’t doubt about asking Sergio Ramos the possible signing of Mbappé: “Talking about players who do not belong to our club is a waste of time. He is a great players, but we face this season after doing a good job in the last one and I can affirm you that our squad is very good. Any player who has come here has been welcomed.”, Ramos said about the possible singing of the young French talent.

Finally the Spanish fullback  highlighted the importance of winning next game after the defeat against Manchester City: ” We don’t like to lose neither the friendly games. We have to give importance to the last defeat and we are working to improve our performance”, he affirmed about the importance of the last game.