Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid Legend with 600 Games

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid Legend with 600 Games


Sergio Ramos arrived to the milestone of 600 games with the Real Madrid t-shirt in a legendary stadium for Los Blancos, where they won the 7th Champions League against Juventus in the game that was a turning point for their history. In the first leg of the Last 16 round of this competition, they continued making history with a suffered victory (1-2) against Ajax, getting closer to the quarter-finals. Sergio Ramos was the main protagonist for many reasons.

The first one because Sergio Ramos was the best player on the pitch. While Real Madrid were suffering, attacked by a young and insolent Ajax, they resisted thanks to the captain. Carvajal and, especially, Nacho were very fragile in the first half, but Ramos showed up everywhere, just to block a shot or to avoid a dangerous attack. Sergio stood up for the team, giving this intensity and experience to the young defense line. Again, when the team was suffering, Sergio Ramos appeared to save the team.

And he did this in his favourite competition. After winning four Champions League titles, the captain wants more and he kept together the defense. Then, the lights will shed Vinicius Junior or Marco Asensio, the youngsters protagonists of the goals, but Ramos was the one to thank in Amsterdam.

Forced Yellow Card?

But Sergio Ramos will focus the attention in the after match. The defender was booked in the last minute of the game after a clear foul to De Jong. As a consequence of this, Ramos will miss the second leg. Being asked by the journalist about the situation, Ramos admitted once that he did it on purpose. Even he was caught asking the manager if he should see the yellow card.

This situation is punished by UEFA, who is already investigating the facts. Ramos could miss two games, so he won’t be able to participate in the hypothetical first leg of the quarter-finals. This is not new for Sergio Ramos, who was fined in 2010 for forcing a yellow card also against Ajax.

600 Games as a Legend

Sergio Ramos arrived to a milestone against Ajax and he celebrated it after the game with a t-shirt with the number 600 and a picture with the squad and Florentino Pérez. The Andalusian player has become one of the most important defenders in the Real Madrid history together with Manolo Sanchís o Fernando Hierro.

The defender is now the 7th player with more games in Real Madrid history. The first one, still far from everybody, is Raúl González, with 741 games. Iker Casillas (725), Sanchís (710), Santillana (645), Gento and Hierro (601) are the precedent ones in the legend list. Now the captain can overtake both Gento and Hierro and continue making history with the club.

The most surprising thing came with his numbers. Because no bookmaker could predict the amount of goals that Sergio Ramos has scored for Los Blancos. So far, he has achieved the amazing number of 84 goals, with the one scored in the final in Lisbon as his best memory with the white t-shirt.

After his retirement, Sergio Ramos will enjoy horse racing -if you a lover you can check BetAmerica– and he owns several stables and has several pieces of land in the future. But hopefully we can still enjoy his skills with the Real Madrid t-shirt many more years.