Sevilla, Real Madrid rival in the last 16 round of Copa del...

Sevilla, Real Madrid rival in the last 16 round of Copa del Rey


Real Madrid will face Sevilla in the last 16 round of Copa del Rey. It will be very tough to beat Sevilla because they are a very good team and they are showing it this season. The dates of the first leg are set for the first week of January and the second leg will be play in the second January week. Real Madrid and Sevilla will play in 10 days three times, because Los Blancos also will face the Andalusian team in the 18th match of the regular season on January 15. With Sampaoli Sevilla have improved a lot and they arena these moments in the third position of La Liga with 33 points.

The last time Sevilla eliminated Real Madrid was in the the semifinal of La Copa (1954-1955), when the team led by Helenio Herrera did a great comeback at Santiago Bernabéu (1-3) and in the second leg the match finished 5-0 with goals of Espina, Arza (2) and Loren(2).

In the present century, Real Madrid and Sevilla have faced in La Copa del Rey twice, both in the semifinals and in both times Los Blancos could arrive to the final. The first one was in 2004 where Real Madrid won Sevilla in the first leg 2-0 with goals of Solari and Raúl. In the second leg Sevilla could not make a comeback winning 1-0. The most recent was in 2011 where Los Blancos won the first leg 0-1 and in the second leg the repeat victory winning 2-0.

The last time these two teams coincided was in last summer where Real Madrid won the European Super Cup in the extra with goal of Carvajal. This match finished 3-2 with goals of Asensio form outside the box, Sergio Ramos tied the match once in the last minutes, and Carvajal gave the victory goal in the extra time from a great play of Real Madrid’s right back in the minute 119.