The Massive Bonus the Players will Receive if they win the Champions...

The Massive Bonus the Players will Receive if they win the Champions League


Real Madrid will play next Saturday in Cardiff their 15th Champions League final and they will look to win their 12th European title in a very difficult final against one of the best defensive teams in the world, Juventus. For these type of clashes there’s plenty of extra incentive for the players and Florentino Pérez will pay a massive bonus of €1.5M for each player.

On Saturday, Real Madrid players are looking to win their second Champions League in a row, something that any team has not been able to so far. It won’t be easy because Juventus have a very complete side with players that have a lot of quality and with experience. Florentino Pérez wants to win this title and he arrived to an agreement with the captains of the squad in the bonus they will receive if they win the title at Cardiff. Real Madrid will pay €1.5M per player if they achieve the Champions League but this includes also the FIFA Club World Cup. This will double the amount of money the players review last season when they won Atlético Madrid in the final at Milan.

Last season, the club paid a total of €32M in bonuses to the playing and coaching staff, which meant an amount of €700.000 per player for winning the Champions League final at Milan and an additional of €100.000 for beating Barcelona at Camp Nou in El Clásico.

If Real Madrid win the Champios League against Juventus they could receive, after closing the market-pool, more that €80M because of their trajectory and the final success. While Juventus thanks to it’s greater presence in the Italian market and the lesses competition of the rest of the team of their country, they will be the team that will receive more money, as it happened two years ago, when they were defeated by Barcelona in the final at Berlin.