Thierry Henry: Chicharito should’ve thanked Ronaldo

Thierry Henry: Chicharito should’ve thanked Ronaldo


Javier Hernandez should have celebrated his goal with Cristiano Ronaldo rather than acting like he’d won the World Cup, according to Sky Sports pundit Thierry Henry.

The Arsenal legend, who also won the Champions League while with Barcelona, said Ronaldo deserved praise for setting up his team mate in the 88th minute of the game against Atletico de Madrid on Wednesday night.

Chicharito, on loan from Manchester United this season, has had to settle for a place on the bench for much of the campaign. When he scored, he ran to the corner of the field, followed shortly by his team mates. Television replays showed Mexican was emotional after scoring the goal that sent Madrid into the semi final and was crying.

But speaking in the post game analysis, Henry said Chicharito should have acknowledged his team mate’s part in the goal.

“Tonight was his opportunity and we don’t even know if he’s going to play after that. He had a couple of chances in the game before that but I can tell you he can thank Ronaldo tonight.

“I know he went on to celebrate alone and everything but he can thank Ronaldo. For me, he has to. That is, for me, Ronaldo’s goal. What I don’t like after [the goal] is it seems like he won the World Cup [with his celebration]. Turn around and celebrate with Ronaldo,” he said.

The comment caused much debate on social media afterwards, with a number of critics calling Henry’s comments bizarre.


  1. Henry, no problem buddy. Some times you get carried away by your emotion. I think he did this out of emotion. “ChiCha” is a cool kid and humble.

  2. I was Glad to see the Goal, and did see Ronaldo being grappled around the Shoulder and neck from No 23 and I thought would be a Penalty as he was brought down in the box James and Ronaldo tried a one two pass Ronaldo did extremely well to get the pass across to ChiCha I think the Ref allowed the Play advantage I understand the emotion of the player and Fans in that Moment it was His Dream come True and 100% down to the Team effort and Ronaldos Top Class assist!

  3. Mr Henry….
    Theres a Little some Thing that is so wright in what you say…. but yet still so much wrong as well….
    You played in Barcelona and thats okay i think?
    But in los blancos they All shareware the same heart and emotions as well as goals victories and lose to… as you heart chicha is a kid who reach his peak performance and let him have it.. we All saw the goal so we know WHO’s to thank and not… as well as Cr7 took on James pass to sent on for chicha… i think chicha did just as well by reaching the pass and concieving a goal.. many others would have missed that oppurtunity!
    Lets give the kid a break… Showing his emotions is a sign of feelings for the club and his team mate. …
    Get a life Henry! I used to like you yes i used to…