Toni Kroos sees the Possibility of Retiring at Real Madrid

Toni Kroos sees the Possibility of Retiring at Real Madrid


Toni Kroos has recently extended his contract with Real Madrid until 2021. He will be 32 years old by then and he opened a possibility to retire with Los Blancos. The German midfielder has said several times that he is very happy living in Spain and playing with Real Madrid, so it’s a possibility to think about it.

Although Toni Kroos is still very young, he’s already thinking in his retirement. The former Bayern Múnich player doesn’t want to play until he’s 40 and he sees the time for retiring sooner: “I will be 32 at the end of the contract. I don’t expect to play until 38 or 39. With 32 years old, you’ve played your better years in football. Regarding the physical aspect, it’s a good time to stop”, Toni Kroos said to the newspaper Kicker.

Some weeks ago, Toni Kroos signed a new contract with Real Madrid. He admitted it could be his last contract, although his career is still long, so everything could happen: “I don’t want to commit with anything that could happen from here to six years ahead, but there are some changes that cannot be done. I don’t consider going to Barcelona. It’s a matter of respect towards the tradition and the supporters”, the German player said.

Toni Kroos arrived to Madrid in 2014 after the World Cup in Brazil won by Germany for a transfer fee of €25M. Soon, the German midfielder earned a position in the starting eleven with Ancelotti and he has never lost his role with Real Madrid, no matter the coach. In this time, he’s won the Champions League, two European Supercups and the FIFA clubs World Cup. Now, he’ll try to win La Liga or Copa del Rey in Spain.

In these two years and a half at Real Madrid, Toni Kroos has been very happy: “Real Madrid is my club. The last two years and a half I’ve grown in a sports and personal way. Since my first day I found a positive answer from my team mates, the supporters and the board”, Kroos said.

He also keeps a close eye to everything happening in his country. In the interview, Kroos also spoke about Leipzig amazing performance, currently top of the Bundesliga: “Mateschitz (the owner) could have bought three yachts or four private planes, but he has invested in football. There is no star in Leipzig that has cost more €30M or €40M. I’m sure people wouldn’t recognize three players in the street”, he finished.