The transfer market according to the bookmakers: Real sign Pogba and James...

The transfer market according to the bookmakers: Real sign Pogba and James Rodríguez goes to PSG


There is a lot of talks and rumours concerning the transfer market around Real Madrid. After last quiet summer, Real is expected to move and sign a big star despite winning the Champions League trophy in May. If a big footballer arrives, some other should leave the club, but who will pay for a Real Madrid star? We can have all the answers in the bookmakers.

According to Betfair, Real Madrid is very close to sign a deal with Paul Pogba, who is the target number one for the club. Real Madrid have 13/8 odds to sign the Frenchman, ahead of Manchester United (7/2) and Chelsea (8/1).Barcelona and Manchester City are also in the fight (10/1) for the Juventus midfielder.

Another target for ‘Los Blancos’ is Dimitri Payet. The West Ham midfielder has been the best player for France so far scoring two impressive goals in the first two games. Real Madrid is the favourite team for the bookmakers to sign Payet (7/2). The Spanish team wins the race ahead of Barcelona (5/1), Manchester United and PSG (7/1).

The other Frenchman target for Real Madrid is Kanté. The Leicester midfielder could fit in Real Madrid as Casemiro replacement. By signing Kanté you can bet with 4/1 odds if Real gets him. PSG is favourite here with 7/4.

Some other players are linked to Real Madrid although is more difficult to close a deal according to Betfair. For example Riyad Mahrez signed for Real Madrid offer the odds of 14/1. Arsenal (4/1) or Barcelona (5/1) are favourites here. Stealing Griezmann from Atlético de Madrid will be highly paid with 20/1 odds.

If some of these players arrive to Real Madrid, some other have to leave. Especially, James Rodríguez, whose performance is been criticized heavily. The favourite is PSG (2/1) followed by Manchester United (3/1), Juventus (4/1) or Manchester City (8/1).

Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid will be a bomb. However you do have this market in Betfair. If he comes back to Manchester United, you can get4/1 odds. PSG (5/1) or Bayern Múnchen (6/1) are also possible destinies for the Portuguese star.

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