‘Ultras Sur’ to be forced out of Santiago Bernabeu

‘Ultras Sur’ to be forced out of Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The controversial ‘Ultras Sur’ supporters group will be removed from the Bernabeu stadium, claims a report in Spain.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is expected to reassign the groups behind goal seats after a 30-year period of offensive, violent and disruptive behaviour and chanting.

A COPE radio report and AS revealed a new ‘Fans Sur’ section of 1,600 seats will replace the groups current amount of 885 from January.

Younger Madrid socios are the most likely to take the position as Los Blancos look to emulate that of the ‘Grada Joven Curva Nord’ group at Valencia’s Mestalla.

Many members have already been banned from the stadium, and some of the group were recently found selling fascist memorabilia at a school market.

In October, four supporters were fined €3,000 and banned from sporting events for a 12 month period for displaying swastikas and other Nazi symbols during a home defeat to Atletico Madrid.

Since the 1980s the ‘Ultras Sur’ have generated a great atmosphere at the Spanish giants but their bad actions and right wing political views have worn away at those wanting to keep them in.

Jose Mourinho was however very clear in expressing his admiration for the noise and energy the members bought to home games.