Vallejo: My Motivation is Playing with Real Madrid

Vallejo: My Motivation is Playing with Real Madrid


Jesús Vallejo is one of the players Real Madrid has on loan. Jesús Vallejo signed for Real Madrid on August by an amount of €5M from Zaragoza. This season Real Madrid decided that he should gain more experience and he went on loan to Eintracht of Frankfurt. With the renewal of Pepe in the air, Los Blancos are following his progress with the objective of returning to Madrid next year. The young Spaniard defender has played in the starting 11 in the last 6 matches and he realized very good performances.

The Spaniard defender was included in the list of Spain under 21 and he explained in an interview how he is living his experience in Frankfurt and his desire of triumph for Real Madrid. He explained how is being his adaptation in a new city and another country: “In the first moths I missed a lot my family and my friends, but I’m very comfortable in Germany. I know a few words in German and if they don’t understand me, I use English”, Vallejo told about his adaptation.

Despite he had offers of many Spanish teams, Vallejo decided that the best option was signing with Eintracht: “They showed a lot of interest on me and I wanted to go to Frankfurt. I decided to accept his offer and Real Madrid agreed with my choice. The three parts agreed and the negotiations were closed quickly”, Vallejo explained.

Jesus Vallejo is motivated to return to Madrid next year and be part of the squad: “I’m very motivated on playing for Real Madrid. Since I signed I have the desire of playing in Madrid someday, although my priority right now is to have a good year with Eintracht. I want to learn and grow in Germany and if I have the option of going to Madrid at the end I will be very happy.”

He finished the interview saying what he will say to those supporters of Real Madrid that believes in him as the future defender of Los Blancos: “I will tell them that all the players going on loan have an objective that is learn and return to Real Madrid in a future. I must grow as a player in Germany to have an opportunity to play in Madrid. I also want to name the people in Zaragoza, that was the club that formed me, and continue supporting me now in Germany”, Vallejo said.