Welcome to Madeira Airport Cristiano Ronaldo

Welcome to Madeira Airport Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo has everything in his life: luxury hotels, a fashion brand, Golden Balls, Champions League, Euro Cups, Premier League trophies… And now he has even an airport named after him, although he is only 31 years old. The Real Madrid star went to the unveiling of the Airport Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo in his hometown, Funchal.

Cristiano Ronaldo was very “happy and honoured” with the new name of the airport. The new name was heavily criticized by some people in Portugal because it was very controversial but the president of the region, Miguel Albuquerque, defended the proposal. The critics said that it wasn’t normal to name an airport after a person who is still alive as this is usually given as a tribute to dead people.

“I know some people don’t agree and some of them are here right now but we are free and we live in a democracy”, Cristiano Ronaldo said in the unveiling of the new name at Funchal.

The Portuguese star said that “this was very special” and that he feels “proud of my roots and my land”. Finally, he also wanted to “continue serving Portugal and especially Madeira”, the striker said.

From now on, Cristiano Ronaldo can feel proud of having an airport with his name: ‘Madeira Airport Cristiano Ronaldo’.

Portugal played on Tuesday a friendly game with Sweden so Cristiano Ronaldo took the opportunity to assist to the unveiling of the new name. The Portuguese national team captain brought to the island the Euro trophy won in Paris last summer with him. Thousands of fans went to the street to see their national team and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid player scored the first goal for his team but Portugal were defeated by Sweden (2-3). Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted at the beginning of the first half and the whole stadium cheered him as a hero.