What Should do Real Madrid with Gareth Bale?

What Should do Real Madrid with Gareth Bale?


More than one month later, Gareth Bale could train with his team mates at Valdebebas. The Welshman came back to Madrid after qualifying his national team to the Euro 2020 and was able to train normally, so he should be fit to face Real Sociedad on Saturday. However, Bale is again involved in a huge controversy after showing a flag in Cardiff where we could read: “Wales, Golf, Madrid. In that order”. What would be the supporters reaction? And Zinedine Zidane’s?

Gareth Bale got injured on the 14th of October, in a game against Croatia with Wales. The Welshman has been out of the team the last month, when Zinedine Zidane found his team and Rodrygo shone with a hat-trick in the Champions League. For this reason, it would be very hard to see Bale back to the starting eleven, even if his performances were quite brilliant at the start of the season.

However, now we have to see how Zinedine Zidane reacts after the past weeks. Bale has not played with Real Madrid in the last month, but he went with his national team and played both key matches to qualify Wales. Besides, he doesn’t look very involved in the group, leaving the games before the final whistles, or travelling to London.

In addition, Gareth Bale was clumsy celebrating the qualification of Wales to the Euro with a flag where we could read “Wales, Golf, Madrid. In that order”. Pedja Mijatovic said in an interview that these were Bale’s preferences. Since then, Welsh supporters sign this anthem in the Cardiff Stadium, and Bale showed disrespect to the club by getting pictures with that logo.

We don’t know how the supporters will react. Press in Spain is very tough with Bale, attacking him without reason many times and even distorting his words. We could read many headlines attacking the Welshman, so the supporters might react against Bale. Again, the former Tottenham player has to regain Zidane and the supporters’ trust. Will he be able to succeed?