Why Real Madrid should sell Kaka

Why Real Madrid should sell Kaka

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For the last three summers, Real Madrid have unsuccessfully tried to sell Kaka and recover some of the 65 million euros they invested when they brought him from AC Milan four seasons ago.

However, with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, rumours about Kaka’s departure ceased, and it was clear that the Italian would give his former pupil another chance to shine, the fifth he’s had at Real Madrid.

But is that really a good decision?

Kaka is the second best paid player in the squad, only behind Cristiano Ronaldo. He costs Real Madrid 12 million euros a year, which will make a total 125 million invested on the Brazilian in the five seasons he’s spent at Santiago Bernabeu.

And what has he given in return? Possibly some good advertising partnerships, but in terms of football, he has never performed at a decent level, he has never been a regular starter, and it seems obvious that he won’t have a spot among Ancelotti’s eleven this year.

What company in the world would keep an employee who makes 12 million a year just sitting on a chair doing nothing? No one in their right mind would even consider it.

Had they sold Kaka the first time they thought about it, Real would now have almost 40 million euros more in their bank account to spend this summer in Gareth Bale or Luis Suarez.

Florentino Perez has probably never been able to find a way out for Kaka because no club was eager to pay more than 15 million for him. And also because the Brazilian was reluctant to sign for a team that would considerably reduce his salary.

But this summer, when the arrival of Isco seemed to have convinced both parts to find an exit, things shouldn’t change so drastically just because Ancelotti thinks he can still get something good out of Kaka.

Even let him go for free would be a better business, moreover when his stay will mean that young and promising players who need playing minutes to grow will have more competency and thus less opportunities.

Kaka has probably been the worst investment in Real Madrid history, and it is time for Perez and his team to recognise their mistake and find a solution.


  1. every players has good times and bad time in the life its certainly for kaka i hope he will come back very hard and bring success to madrid

  2. i really feel for him..but he has always inspired me…he is a great talent,no doubt…though he has faded…but still there is a glimmer of hope that for one last time,just one last time i can see him at his best..at his best he just dazzles…

    he made me a football fan…and i will never give up on him…never

    give him chances(regular chances) and have faith..he will repay it

  3. Any one who has watch kaka given a chance on the starting 11 of rm squad will understand that kaka hasn’t really fade much… He just isn’t give the chance to start or play… He is hardworking on the pitch and I hope he stays and be given the chances to prove him.. This article is misleading like we aren’t seeing kaka shine.. He is mostly the man of the match when given the chance to play..