We will fight for La Decima, says Florentino Perez

We will fight for La Decima, says Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has said the team will fight to the death to win the Champions League final last this month.

Los Blancos take on city rivals Atletico de Madrid in Lisbon on May 24 having seen off holders Bayern Munich along the way. A win for Carlo Ancelotti’s men would end the 12-year wait for the club’s 10th European Cup – the coveted Decima that previous teams have come close to but fallen short of winning.

Speaking to Spanish television station Sexta while watching Real fan Rafa Nadal at the Madrid Masters, Perez said the players would give it their all to win the trophy, especially as La Liga appears to be out of reach. The midweek draw with Valladolid looks to have been fatal to Madrid’s hopes and it La Liga could come down to the match between Barcelona and Atletico at the Nou Camp next weekend.

“We will fight until the death to win La Decima,” Perez stated. “We will sweat every single drop, as Rafa Nadal does in his matches, in order to be able to win the Champions League.

“For Madridistas the Champions League is a competition in which we feel very at home. We owe our fans this and we will do everything we can in order to win it.”


  1. Real have long ago decided to give up on Laliga, it is not because of the recent form. Recent form was pre-meditated and that was very clear. It will take a fool to think otherwise.

    Real Madrid understood that fighting for the trebble would be too costly on the players, so that choice was clear months ago as to which competition they would rather fight for. La Decima made a lot more sense.

    Real madrid are maturing a side, whilst the competition’s sides are depleting , next year with the likes of Suarez in the front line, Real Madrid should have no problem in competing for the treble

    Allowing for Barcelona & Atletico to fight for the league title was part of the strategy , these two will wage war against each other with hopefully some fatalities to the Atletico , because they will not give up on their title challenge, come what may . Barcelona has a battle in their hands of which at this stage in my opinion they are the weaker of the two sides.

    They lack the fighting spirit starting with MESSI

    Real in the other hand will have training session with Espanyol with absolutely no pressure on them using it as preparation for the UCL final in Lisbon

    A depleted Atletico team in Lisbon will not only have to wage war on a rested Real Madrid side, but also the 12th man which will be the majority of the crowd that will side Real Madrid over Atletico starting with the Ambassador ” Luis Figo . “Ronaldo Portugal World Cup Hero”

    You could also most say that Madrid has taken control of their future at the expense of others