Will Real Madrid Miss Dani Ceballos in the Midfield?

Will Real Madrid Miss Dani Ceballos in the Midfield?


The Real Madrid transfer market this summer is very difficult to understand as we analyzed recently, but the most hard part to picture to work is the midfield. Los Blancos got rid of some talented players and the wanted one, Paul Pogba, didn’t arrive finally. Nor Pogba neither Van de Beek or Eriksen, perfect reinforcements for the midfield. And Zidane might have a problem during the season.

Right now there are only four poor midfielders in the squad: Casemiro, Fede Valverde, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. James Rodríguez or Isco could also play there, although it would depend on the formation. If it’s a 4-3-3, they should in the past that they could play there, but it would be harder with a 4-4-2, the formation tried in Villarreal in the last game.

We have to get the fingers crossed hoping that none of them get injured during the season, especially Casemiro, because no one else can do his job. Valverde will be his replacement, but is still unsure whether the Uruguayan can help there, or replacing Toni Kroos. It’s even uncertain if he has the level to play at Real Madrid, but we will find out during the season.

Meanwhile, Dani Ceballos is shining with Arsenal and the Spanish national team. In the new manager’s debut, Robert Moreno, against Romania, the Andalusian player gave an stunning assist to Jordi Alba. Something very rare to see right now how he moved his ankle. In the start of the season, he is also doing well with Arsenal, despite the poor results obtained by the gunners so far.

We know that Zidane is not really fond of Ceballos, but given the circumstances, he would have had a spot in the starting eleven this season, especially if he keeps his level. This is actually his main problem, because last season he had many opportunities, especially with Lopetegui, but he got lost. He played some good games, and then the injury problems and his ups and downs ended up with Ceballos on the bench. However, he played 23 games in La Liga, 13 of them from the start. Not bad numbers at all. He was the 14th player with more minutes in La Liga.