Zidane: Every game is a battle, it will be a difficult match

Zidane: Every game is a battle, it will be a difficult match


Zidane spoke in the press conference before the Final Real Madrid will play tomorrow against Kashima Antlers in the FIFA Club World Cup. The French manager spoke about different topics, highlighting the opponent they have, the technology in football and all the thinnedg he has learned since his arrival at Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane started the press conference talking about Kashima Antlers and what they must do to win the match: This competition is very important for us. We came here to win the trophy. The game is going to be very difficult. Kashima will make it tough, but we are ready. In the last match against America we did not start good, but we are already adapted. Kashima deserve to be in the final. After a week we are looking forward to playing the game and as I said before, we are ready”, Zidane said about Kashima Antlers.

The journalists asked Zidane if the technology continues berating a confusion to all the players:” In the last game it generated a bit of confusion. I think the problem is the time. When you start with something it takes time. It’s good that we want to improve football with technology. We must be patient. My opinion is that if we can improve things we have to do it. No one is going to stop the technology”, Zidane explained his opinion about the technology in football.

The French manager said that he is learning many things since he started to manage Real Madrid :”I’m learning many things, despite I’ve been here only one year. Every day I’m learning something, especially in the games, which are the ones that make you be a better coach. Every game I watch, I learn something. My objective is to try to improve the performances of my player”, Zidane affirmed.