Zidane: It has been a great year

Zidane: It has been a great year


Zinedine Zidane spoke in press conference after the victory in the FIFA Club World Cup final against Kashima Antlers. Los Blancos had a very tough match but finally they achieved the title and became the best team of the world in 2016. The French manager was very happy with the great year his players had done. He highlighted the great level showed by the Japanese team that fought until the end.

The press conference began with a summary of the year: ” It has been a great year for Real Madrid. It has been incredible and I am very happy with the players great job. It has not been easy, to achieve all this we had to suffer and we have seen it today. The good thing about this team is that they do not give up until the end”, Zidane said about the trophy they won.

Two years ago with Ancelotti on Real Madrid’s bench, they won this trophy at Morocco and after the tournament Los Blancos lowered the level. The journalists asked Zidane if he is afraid of this situation:”I don’t know what happened exactly. That was two years ago. It is good to talk about it, because it can be repeated. Now we are going to rest and after work. I believe in the plays and if we work hard, it will not be repeated. Zidane explained.

The journalists asked Zidane what has been his best moment on Real Madrid bench: “I don’t know what has been the best moment. What we are doing is improving in every aspect. Sometimes we suffer but it’s normal. The good thing is that we are very positive in what we do. We are a very talented team”, Zidane said about his team.

Kashima Antlers played a great match and they almost won the trophy. The French manage gave his opinion about the Japanese team:” The have very good players. Some players have a good level, the could really play in our league”, Zidane said about the opponent team.