Zidane: I cannot explain the goals in the end, I just know...

Zidane: I cannot explain the goals in the end, I just know it’s exciting


Zinedine Zidane spoke at press conference after Real Madrid’s victory against Valencia in the 35th week of the regular season. Los Blancos beat Valencia in the last minutes with a great goal of Marcelo, once again in the end of the game. The French manager highlighted today’s opponent, James performance, the game of his payers and why Isco didn’t play today despite he is having a great moment.

Zidane stared the press conference talking about the difficulty of today’s match against Valencia:” When you play against a team that don’t have any goals in the rest of the season it’s worse, the played without pressure, but there are no excuses. We didn’t score the second goal and we had to suffer until the end”, the French manager said about today’s opponent.

Real Madrid didn’t play their best match in the season and this is what his manager thinks about the clash:” Form the beggining of the game we were not very successful, we had a bit of anxiety, but with the pass of the minutes we improved. We had many chances to score the second goal and suddenly they tied us. This means that we can still improve. I can’t explain why we score the goals i the last minutes, I just know it’s exciting“, Zidane affirmed.

James played today instead Aensio or Isco and we saw him very active especially in the first half: ” He has played very well, he has done his job like everyone else, I’m happy with all my players performance”.

Today we saw a great game of both Marcelo and Carvajal and Real Madrid’s manager wanted to highlight their match:” They have been more offensive, more than normal. Having these two players it’s very positive for us. They are two very important players but I must say that I have the best ones, so all of them are important for us”, the French manager said.

Isco didn’t play any minute today despite his good presences in the last games and the journalist didn’t doubt about askinghim why he stayed on the bench during all the game: “You will see on Tuesday if he plays the first leg of the Champions League against Atl├ętico. He is in a great moment”, Zidane said about Isco.