Zidane: With Danilo’s injury we had to change the formation

Zidane: With Danilo’s injury we had to change the formation

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Zinedine Zidane spoke after the victory against Osasuna at Sadar. Los Blancos suffered to win, but finally they could achieve the three points. The French manager highlighted the difficulty of the match, the performance of certain players and other different topics.

Zidane started the press conference talking about the difficult match they had against the bottom team of the table:” The only thing I can say is that we could get the victory in a very tough game. The rival played with a lot of intensity and they have given us difficulties. We achieved the three points and that’s the most important thing”, Zidane said.

Nacho played his 100th game with Madrid and Ramos his 500th and this is what the French manager thinks about them: “Sergio is our captain and he is very important for us. I hope he continues showing this level because he deserves everything, he is an example for us. While Nacho is a young player who play like a veteran. He is has a lot of personality and overtime he plays his performance is good”, Zidane affirmed.

Los Blancos played better when Zidane decided to change the formation to four defenses instead of five:” With Danilo’s injury we had to change of formation, and after that change we had more balance in the team. I’ve seen the team better in the second half because with had more balance with four defenses”, the French manager explained.

James reappeared in the last minutes and his performance was really good, participating and defending:” I saw him really good. The game was a little “crazy” when he entered and he gave the calm we needed in the last minutes. These are good new for Real Madrid because he is a very good player.

Danilo and Tano had to leave the pitch because of different injuries and this is the message that sends the French manager to  Osasuna’s player: “I’m very sorry for the serious injury of Osasuna’s player, not everything in football is good. Danilo had a blow but we will know it better tomorrow”, Zidane said.


  1. “With Danilo’s injury we had to make a change of formation and after the change we had more balance in the team. I’ve seen the team better in the second half,because we had more balance in four defense” The Frenchman said.
    Should it take Danilo’s injury for Zidane to know the team was not a balanced one, I hope it wouldn’t take Zidane serious injury to Benzema, for him to give Morata more playing time. As it is Morata is seriously marginalized even when it appears Benzema is playing far below acceptable standard.

  2. Danilo can can be on injury for the rest of his career who cares. He is no fit to play for a club like real madrid. What is Nacho, Cavahal and the other good and superb defenders doing? Zidane, I like you but playing Danilo will never help the club. Please stop using Danilo or just sell him, he is good for nothing