Ancelotti: Atlético is the worst opponent for Real Madrid

Ancelotti: Atlético is the worst opponent for Real Madrid


Carlo Ancelotti was the last coach to bring the glory to Real Madrid when he won the Champions League in 2014 against Atlético de Madrid. He has a lot of experience in this kind of games and he’s already looking forward to the clash.

According to the Italian, “Atlético is the worst opponent for Real Madrid. Atlético only needs half a chance to kill you”. Ancelotti thinks Atlético is a tough team because “they just kicked out Barcelona and Bayern Munchen but in the games between Real Madrid and Atlético, the Rojiblancos have created a lot of problems. Not long time ago, Atlético defeated Real Madrid at Bernabéu”, he remembers.

For Ancelotti, the most important thing is to defend properly: “Only if they defend as a team, Real Madrid could minimize the mistakes, whose Simeone’s team take advantage of”.

Ancelotti had as well a lot of problems when facing Atlético de Madrid. He won the Champions League against the city rivals but he was thrashed at Calderón 4-0 in his last season at Chamartín.