Arbeloa says he might play for a Premier League club next season

Arbeloa says he might play for a Premier League club next season


Arbeloa said goodbye to Real Madrid fans after the last game in Bernabéu Stadium this season. The defender played the second half against Valencia and had a deserved farewell party after the final whistle.

The former Liverpool player explained why he is leaving Real Madrid and wanted to say a few words to the fans: “It’s being amazing thanks to the people, I don’t know how say thank you for all these years. I didn’t expect to receive all this affection. It’s being better than expected”.

Arbeloa, really moved, wanted to thank all madridistas: “I’m very proud for wearing this t-shirt, it’s the best thing could ever happen to a football player. Every second I spent on this football pitch was the best moment of my life”.

The defender didn’t want to say anything about his future but he was clear about where he won’t play the next season: “I’m not retiring from football. I want to play more. I’ll be here as a fan whenever I can but I know for sure that I can’t wear another t-shirt in Spain other than the Real Madrid one”.

Arbeloa played for Liverpool three seasons from 2006 to 2009 and he might come back to the UK: “After Milan final I’d know more. I want to play in Europe. The Premier League is a big league but also Italy. Let’s see the options”.