Benzema’s great month

Benzema’s great month


Karim Benzema was yesterday one of the best players win the victory against Athletic Bilbao at the difficult stadium of San Mamés. The French striker scored the first goal of the match from a wonderful finish, and in a lot of moments of the game we saw him playing as a playmaker.

It looks like Karim Benzema likes San Mamés because in the last two matches played at Bilbao he has scored three goals,being probably the MVP in both matches. This Saturday he opened the scoreboard, but in addition to the goal, Benzema played one of the most complete matches since his signing to Real Madrid.

In the 25th minute, the French striker opened the scoreboard from a good assist of Cristiano Ronaldo. The ball was bouncing like a rabbit, but Karim Benzema made it easy with a wonderful finish, unstoppable for Kepa.

He completed a very good game and in several times we saw him playing as a playmaker instead of a striker. He helped the midfield when Los Blancos needed the possession of the ball and we saw him very intensive. He participated in all attack plays, being probably the most important player on the pitch.

This is not his first good match in all the month. He played really good in the first leg of Champions League against Napoli, where he tied the game after the first goal of Insigne. Another Benzema’s great performance was at Eibar. Real Madrid travelled to the Basque Country with Cristiano and Bale absences, and the French striker was the reference in the attack scoring two goals.

It looks like Athletic Bilbao are one of his favorite victims. He has scored 8 goals in 15 games, three of the last four in the New San Mamés. With yesterday’s goal he has reached the number of goals of Real Madrid’s legend as Amancio Amaro. Now the French striker is the ninth top scorer of Los Blancos history with 119. It seems Benzema is improving with the pass of the matches and these are very good news for Real Madrid.