Cesare Prandelli praises Carlo Ancelotti’s style

Cesare Prandelli praises Carlo Ancelotti’s style


Italy manager Cesare Prandelli has praised his compatriot Carlo Ancelotti for his achievements at Real Madrid and said he likes his philosophy.

The topic of playing styles has been high in the media agenda in recent weeks after Los Blancos defeated Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich. The Germans played a possession game similar to that employed by Guardiola when he was in charge of Barcelona. But Los Blancos went for a counter attacking style, seeing less of the ball but being more effective with it on the break.

After the Champions League semi-final tie between the teams, Guardiola said the possession stats were impressive for his side, but they just did not do enough with the ball.

Speaking to the DPA agency at the Italian FA headquarters, Prandelli said he admired Ancelotti’s tactical know-how.

“The idea of good football should not divide and lead to criticism of the ‘catenaccio’, philosophical, technical or offensive football. Good football can exist in all forms,” he said.
And he continued:”Ancelotti has won everywhere. You must understand that if Real Madrid, who have three players with incredible speed over 50 metres, want to use those 50 metres, it is because they want to take full advantage of the players’ characteristics.
“I think it’s good to watch and inspiring football. When they clear the ball they’re ready to shoot three seconds after”.