Contract leak reveals 10.9m euro salary for Real midfielder

Contract leak reveals 10.9m euro salary for Real midfielder


New documents published by Football Leaks shows Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos earns an annual salary of 10.9 million euros.

The revelations, which appear in the German daily Der Spiegel after Football Leaks gave them the details showed the sums involved in the players’ contract as well as the deal agreed between Los Blancos and Bayern Munich when Kroos signed for Real in 2014.

The 10-time Champions League winners agreed to pay the Bundeliga outfit 25 million euros in three installments.

Kroos, who played a key role in helping Germany win the World Cup in Brazil, signed a six-year deal at the Santiago Bernabeu. In his first year, he was paid 11.3 million euros. His salary then drops to 10.9 million a year between the second and sixth year of the deal.

An interesting part of the leak also showed that Kroos will be paid a one-off bonus of 1.8 million euros if his is nominated in the final three of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award and a similar sum if he goes on to win the prize.

When contacted about the details contained in the report, Kroos nor his agent replied.

Football Leaks has gained much interest over recent weeks after it published details of contracts including those of Gareth Bale and Mesut Ozil. The group says it wants to improve transparency in football at a time of increasing prices for fans.