Don’t compare me to Cristiano Ronaldo – Leo Messi

Don’t compare me to Cristiano Ronaldo – Leo Messi


Barcelone forward Leo Messi has said he does not like comparisons between him and Real Madrid counterpart Cristiano Ronaldo adding that he just wants to focus on his own performances and helping he team to success.

Messi and Ronaldo are widely considered as two of the greatest players to have ever played the game. Between them, they have won the past eight Ballon d’Or trophies and have set all sorts of records between them.

Much debate is carried out in the media worldwide as well as pubs, bars and living rooms across the globe as to who is the best between the two.

But speaking to MBC, Messi said he does not like the comparisons.

“The press is always looking for comparisons and those kinds of things. The only thing I care about is helping my team and to keep on improving each season. I am not comparing myself to Cristiano Ronaldo or to anyone else. I am only thinking about myself and my team-mates and winning games,” he said.

With the Clasico just one week away, the Argentina striker warned his team mates not to take Real lightly despite an underwhelming season for Los Blancos.

He stated: “Real Madrid have some great players. They have always had some impressive stars and are one of the best teams in the world. They are always a complicated rival for Barcelona. They always make life difficult for us in the race for the Liga title. There is a lot of competition and we always try to do better than them.”


  1. Comment: messi is the best in the world of football his guy is nt from this planet messi is like computer is hard to see messi makes mistake to me if there is god of football his name shuld be MESSI )

  2. I wouldn’t know why people always compare Messi and Ronaldo…. this two players play different game on the pitch of football… but when it comes to who is the best, you don’t need to search for the name, MESSI is the best. He can cage his opponents with his dribbling skill… Ronaldo cannot do what Messi can do. its very difficult for Ronaldo to dribble and create chances. the only thing I know for Ronaldo is shoot, leg over and ball on the run… by the time the opponents cage him, he quickly return the ball back (back pass). the wonder of Messi is that you can not predict what he can do with the ball once he control the ball.

  3. No player can be compared with Messi, he is a natural born player not a manual player like chritiano Ronald, his goals scoring tactics is more of off side and lack dribbling skills.

  4. Comment:Ronaldo is a hell of a player, he kills Giants and not ants… Ronaldo played for sporting, Manchester United and now real madrid. 3 champions League in 4 years, Messi? Can you tell me how many finals Messi lost playing for Argentina, cause the tally of finals lost is too much and I have lost counting