Florentino Pérez: We Had a Lack of Intensity to Keep Up the...

Florentino Pérez: We Had a Lack of Intensity to Keep Up the Level


Florentino Pérez spoke in front of the cardholders members of Real Madrid in the Sunday morning after the victory against Levante. It was not an easy morning for the president in the Real Madrid Assembly in front of the real owners of the club, especially after the last season and the doubts about the project.

The president wanted to defend the project and the manager: “We made a great effort to build a winning squad. […] We have players who have won a lot, who have won everything and they deserve our love and respect”.

However, Florentino Pérez was very critic about last season: “It was not the season we wanted or hoped for. We have to understand that this team has won everything, but it’s true that we had a lack of intensity to keep up the level. You should not hesitate that we are going to change it. We have to transform the team and our challenge is to keep winning with a really competitive scenery. We have to recover the hunger of triumphs, we have enjoyed a winning strike almost irrepetible and the players deserve our respect. No one had won three Champions League in a row and we did it with these players and this manager”.

Florentino also spoke about the new signings: “This squad is one of the most valuable in the market, with €1.180M. We have signed seven new players, including Hazard, who had brought illusion to the supporters. Best player in the Europa League, Premier League”, the president said after speaking about every single new player.

The president defended the economic situation of the club, the new contract with Adidas and the success with the basketball team. Besides, he spoke about the importance of being together: “We have to value the things we get with effort and sacrifice. We’re a united club. Unity has always being essential”, Florentino remembered.