Football players to buy if you win the lottery

Football players to buy if you win the lottery

Football players to buy if you win the lottery

Everyone sets some goal when they see opportunity coming to them especially if you win the lottery. It’s the time of transfer season and despite being on the ground, many fans of football, dream to own a football player. The big clubs sitting off the pitch get on their hands on the famous names of football teams. So here we are revealing some Lottoland list of players to buy if you win the lottery.


Mega-Sena belongs to Brazil and has a great winning history. His greatest victory was witnessed back in 1999. The jackpot of £64million was claimed from Salvador by a player. In previous times playing football was a different sport and it seems probably not going to be topped in the near future when the jackpot was claimed. It took 10 years for Kaka when he brought a huge cash change from Milan to Real Madrid. Our lottery winner might have financed the move cost which is £55 million without help from anyone else. The move of Kaka has made him the most costly Brazilian after Dilma.


An unknown player banked £35 million in April 2016 which is the record-breaking jackpot of the UK. David and Carol Martin have been taken away the title of biggest winner of Lotto of the UK by the secret winner and a couple of months ago David and Carol took £33 million. You can pretty much bear the cost of Andy Carroll with £35 million in your pocket and also during the time when for £35 million he exchanged Tyneside for Merseyside and his Newcastle strength.

You would be unable to manage the cost of Raheem Sterling despite the bumper return and he has become the most expensive transfer of Premier League and England with a change of £49 million from Liverpool to the City. This might be your great chance to buy.

 ROBBIE KEANE: Irish Lotto

For £15 million you could very likely get the 2016 form of Robbie, who is as yet scoring for the sake of entertainment across the lake, and is seen by numerous individuals. He has made two major cash transfers in the season of 2008 and 2009. Before he bounced back to Spur at a cut cost of £12 million, he made a move for £19 million all the way from Spurs to Liverpool.

If you were the lucky participant of Ireland’s biggest lotto jackpot £15 million then you probably won’t have the option to grab Keane from Spurs. But you might have tricked him back after experiencing the experiment of Liverpool which failed. Affording in £15 million you consider the Robbie version of 2016 as a league which featured Thierry Henry and incorporates Didier Drogba, which is a significant achievement.


Wide jackpots and odds of eye watering are the two renowned things for Superenalotto of Italy. Obviously, the upside of Superena is that should you win, your prize cash will be sown by another lottery. In 2010, after less than eight months of rollover, a £125 million accumulated jackpot was bankrolled by an organization of 70 people. Which of the most expensive footballers in Italy might this lucky group be able to have purchased? Surprisingly, the answer is multiple or you can say more than one.

To eat up or the removal of Gigi Buffon will cost Filippo Enzaghi and Christian Verry and only 86.3 million, of which Ferrari and the like £38.7 will be left.


In 2011, the greatest jackpot win took place throughout the entire existence of French Lotto. In this event, a mysterious player from Val-d’Oise in the Île-de-France locale banked £24 million. The Atletico forward has gotten one of La Liga’s ideals, and has been one of only a handful of strikers to perform well in Euro 2016. While you for £24 million would coordinate the charge Atletico give payment to Real Sociedad to make sure about the marking of Antoine Griezmann.

With just a great amount you can have your direction cleared where to put your hands on and snatch the best for you.

Grab the Lottery now:

Would any jackpot or lottery be large enough to get Ronaldo, Bale and Neymar as shouldn’t something be said about their likes. However, all the players are fine and dandy. The MegaMillions draw is getting huge if you haven’t just seen it obviously. With an astounding, faltering and staggering prize of £386 million on offer, there is no better than an ideal opportunity to handle this epic lottery, which is accessible in the United Kingdom by wagering on the outcomes with Lottoland online.

You can grab your lotto today and buy your favorite football player that you have dreamed of so try not to delay and avail it now.