Jorge Valdano: Mourinho has said nothing worth remembering

Jorge Valdano: Mourinho has said nothing worth remembering


Former Real Madrid director-general Jorge Valdano has hit out at Jose Mourinho in his latest book, claiming the Portuguese boss has said nothing worth remembering.

The pair endured a frosty relationship when Mourinho was manager at the Santiago Bernabeu, and Valdano was sacked from his job, effectively giving the now Chelsea manager more power at the club.

In his latest book, The Eleven Powers of the Leader, the ex-player and manager of Los Blancos lashed out at Mourinho, saying he has no substance but a massive ego.

“I’ve never heard in public or in private a football statement from Mourinho worthy to be remembered,” Valdano wrote.

And he went on to say that Mourinho is perfect for the headline-seeking times we live in now.

“He is a character tailored to these noisy and empty times. I couldn’t understand him because he is in the antipodes of my sensitivity. Intelligence and ego are enemies. And when they collide, the ego wins,” Valdano continued.

In another swipe at Mourinho, who ended last season empty-handed on his return to Stamford Bridge despite having a bottomless pit of money to spend, Valdano said arch-rival Pep Guardiola has achieved much more in the game.

“If Guardiola is Mozart, Mourinho is Salieri. He would be a great musician if there were no Mozart,” he wrote.