Lucas Vázquez is the player who runs more kilometers per game

Lucas Vázquez is the player who runs more kilometers per game


When Lucas Vázquez starts from te beginning, he is the player who runs more kilometers per game, when Zidane introduce him in line-up. At Real Madrid, Kroos is the player who adds more kilometers in his legs. The German midfielder is in the usual starting 11 and he always runs a lot per game. Kroos accumulates in his legs more than 170 km in 17 games played so far. He is the player in the squad with more kilometers, but the true is that when Lucas Vázquez plays, the Galician player runs even more than Kroos.

The Spaniard player has started in seven games in La Liga and two in Champions League and in all of them he ran more than 11km per game. In addition, if we consider the minutes he played, Lucas is the player of the squad who moves more on the field, beating Kroos and Casemiro, two of the most outstanding players in this facet, because they play in the midfield, a very physical position.

Lucas Vázquez’s record this year was in the match against Borussia Dortmund in the group stage. He ran more than 12 kilometers, beating his personal record and the record of all the team. And in other Champions League game that he played fro the starting was against Sporting Libon, where he ran 12,16km.

In the regular season he also has the record of the team. He achieved it in the match against Espanyol (in the first leg) completing 12,54 km. He is a player that when Zidane gives him the chance to play from the beginning, he runs a lot and that’s why many Real Madrid supporters like to see him in the field instead other players. The game in which he run less meters was against Málaga, 11.37km. Even so, in that match none of his teammates ran more than the Spaniard wing.